Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the masks be used?

The Perma Mask can last as long as any other piece of clothing made from soft cotton or a cotton blend. The mask is made with high quality knitted fabric and stitching. To extend the life of the mask, we recommend washing the mask washing by hand or with a mesh laundry bag.

Are the masks machine washable?

Yes, the Perma Mask is machine washable. To prevent damaging the earloops and to extend its usable lifetime, we recommend using a mesh laundry bag or hand washing. Use a mild detergent and hang dry. Do not bleach or iron.

The earloop adjusters do not need to be removed when washing the mask.  When washing, we recommend sliding them closer to the mask so that they don’t fall off.

How often should I wash the masks?

You should wash the mask depending on your level of usage and environment.  For hygienic reasons, we recommend washing the mask before its first use and daily after each use.

Are the masks N95 compliant?

No, the Perma Mask is not a medical grade mask and is not intended for use by health professionals on the frontline. N95 masks cannot be reused and must form a tight seal against the wearer’s face. Due to their limited supply, N95 masks should also be reserved for healthcare professionals (click here for info from the FDA).

For more information about Perma’s line of antimicrobial fabric masks for health professionals, please contact [email protected].

Do the masks block viruses?

Non-medical grade masks like the Perma Mask serve as a barrier against larger airborne particles and droplets that may contain viruses. However, the Perma Mask like most fabric masks cannot filter out airborne viruses because of the extremely small size of the viruses.

For more information about Perma’s line of antimicrobial fabric masks for health professionals, please contact [email protected].

Do the masks filter PM 2.5?

The Perma Mask filters out approximately 85% of PM 2.5. We created a mask that balances comfort and protection for most people under most conditions.

If you live in or work in an area with heavy air pollution and high amounts of PM 2.5 (you can check here), we recommend you stay indoors as much as possible, use a high quality air purifier for your home or work, and consider using an industrial grade mask when you need to be outdoors.

Do you have any quality certifications for the mask?

Yes, respected international labs have certified Perma fabric effective in reducing 99% of microbial growth on the fabric surface, even after 150 washes.  Perma fabric has also been tested to have higher UV protection than normal fabric.  You can see the details on our Features & Specs page here.

Is Nano Zinc Oxide safe?

Yes, Zinc is an essential mineral for humans and Zinc Oxide has been widely used in skincare products and as a broad spectrum antimicrobial ingredient since the 1940s.  The US FDA regards Zinc Oxide and Nano Zinc Oxide (i.e. Zinc Oxide nanoparticles) as a safe ingredient for sunscreens (FDA report here.).

What is your return policy?

The masks go through a quality check before they are shipped to customers.  However, if a mask is damaged upon arrival, you can exchange it for another mask within 7 days if the mask has not been used or worn.

We cannot accept returns if the mask is too big or too small for you. Please check our sizing guide here before purchasing.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping within the US takes 2 to 4 days by USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping in the United Kingdom takes 3 to 5 days by Royal Mail 1st Class.  Shipping is currently free for all orders.

Do you offer sizes for kids?

Our masks have adjustable straps and can comfortably fit young adults. For smaller kids under about 10 years old, we are in the process of developing smaller masks. Sign-up for our newsletter on the bottom of this page to be notified as soon as our kids masks are available.

Do you offer bulk or corporate orders?

Yes, for orders over 90 masks, please contact [email protected].

Where are the masks made?

The Perma Mask is made in Thailand and currently sold in North America, Japan, and Singapore.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of the Perma Mask, or interested in purchasing Perma’s fabric to manufacture textile products, please contact [email protected].

Note that Thailand has one of the lowest infection rates in the world, approximately 45 cases per million people versus 5,000+ cases per million in the US as of May 2020.  (Source: Our World in Data & European CDC ; Fast Company, June 2020)

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