Large Orders (30+ packs)

We are currently accepting large orders of 30 packs (3 masks per pack) or more, with a shipping time of 4-7 days globally.  Pricing is $39.99 per pack discounted from $45 per pack.

If you are interested in a large order, please submit the form below and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Small orders (less than 30 packs)

We will start accepting small orders on our website in late July 2020.  Please sign-up for our product launch so we can notify you when our website is ready to accept individual orders.

Friends & Family Orders

If you’ve received a special code for the introductory ‘Friends & Family’ discount, please click on this link to submit your order.

Large Orders Inquiry Form

Shipping Large Orders NOW

  • 30 Packs and higher
  • 3 Masks per pack
  • Black or White color, Adult size

$39.99 USD per pack

$45 USD standard price